About Moi
Hey, y'all! It's Lexi!
Hey, you! I’m Lexi Roark! Welcome to Tweak Your Geek! I am so excited to welcome you to the new storefront for BossyPants VA! Our products, courses, and programs are designed for authors, other creatives, and accountants. Why this mix? It’s what happens when a geek marries a geek, and they combine forces!
As an experienced teacher, instructional designer, volunteer manager, and digital marketer, I understand the challenges that small business owners face. That's why I started Tweak Your Geek, to help you take your branding, design, and digital marketing to the next level.
Our mission at Tweak Your Geek is to create valuable content to grow your reputation, build your list and boost your bottom line. It's that simple. And we want to do it in an affordable way. So, if you're ready to publish great content but don't want to break the bank in the process, then browse our growing catalog of journals, planner, graphics, templates, and more! Check back weekly for our current specials and new products. Thank you for supporting my small business. I look forward to the journey ahead.
Client Love Notes
Alexis takes my overwhelm, sorts it so I can understand, takes care of a good bunch of it, reminds me of what I need to do that's outside of my regular writing, and in general keeps me from daily despair. I don't know what I'd do without her guidance and wisdom.
Christine Ashworth, Author

Alexis is probably one of the most organized AND tech-savvy people I know!!! She positive, creative and energetic. I love working with her.
Debbie Decker, Author and Executive Director of the West Valley Food Pantry

Alexis helps me keep track of things I need to get done. She even thinks of things I havent thought of.
Nikki Prince, Author


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